Captive Bred

Why Buy Captive Bred?

You've probably seen the initials C.B.B. while browsing reptile sites or in the groups on Facebook. CBB stands for "Captive Born and Bred" meaning the animal is not wild caught. A breeder paired the adults and the babies were born in captivity. All of the northern blue tongue skinks here at Thomas Skinks are CBB so you can rest assured your new skink friend was not snatched from the wild and put through the stress of importation.

What's Wrong with Wild Caught?

Skinks that have been imported are captured and taken from the wild in their country of origin, then shipped to another country. This is very stressful for the animals, because it can take weeks for them to finally reach their destination. They arrive covered in feces, starving and dehydrated. That's if they are lucky enough to survive. So you can see why it's so much better to not support pet stores or companies that supply wild caught skinks.

Many times you may find a wild caught blue tongue skink in a pet store for a less expensive price than CBB. What many customers don't realize are the additional costs...

Very often, wild caught blue tongue skinks will have internal parasites and/or mites that will require a visit to a veterinarian in order to be remedied. This will be an additional cost to purchasing a skink that isn't CBB.

Wild caught blue tongue skinks may maintain a defensive disposition for years. Hissing and attempting to bite when handled makes them less than desirable as pets, especially for kids.

What About Rescuing?

As much as you'd like to save the poor little skinks that are wild caught, all that happens when you purchase one is you are supporting the cause of importation and making room for yet even more skinks to be shipped in. There are plenty of skinks in the United States now, so there is no reason to purchase any wild caught skink.

The CBB babies that come from Thomas Skinks live a spoiled life from the moment they enter the world, so you can feel good about deciding to buy your new pet from us.

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