Our Care

Part of the family

Our skinks are loved very much and are not just considered breeders.  They are a part of our family and are treated as any family pet should be.  We take our care very seriously and do our best to be a step above the rest when it comes to our husbandry.

Each day their enclosures are spot cleaned and their water bowls are checked to make sure they are clean. Sometimes they like to use the water bowls as toilets, so they need to be cleaned immediately to ensure that dirty water isn’t consumed.

As their enclosures are being checked, the skinks make it apparent they want out. So they'll be taken out to explore the house or just sit in someone's lap outside to enjoy the natural rays of the sun.

We feed our skinks a variety of grain free, wet dog foods, as well as fresh veggies and the occasional fruit. Since we breed our own dubia roaches, they also get to snack on those sometimes.

Vitamin supplements are always implemented into their foods to make sure they are getting all of the necessary nutrition that they need to thrive.

Fresh water is provided daily, of course.  Blue Tongue skinks require water at all times.  They sometimes like to soak and can very often be found drinking from their bowls.

Always loved

Our skinks are loved and given the best care that we can possibly give, just like any pet should receive!

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