Shipping is a safe and easy way to receive your new pet

Don't settle for skinks from inferior local breeders near you.  With over night express delivery within the contiguous United States through FedEx, your new skink will be at his or her new home before you know it.

Shipping 3 days a week

We ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So you can get your skink on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Depending on which day you ordered and weather permitting, your skinks will arrive the very next day around 10:30am.

We use specialized shipping boxes with proper insulation to protect the skink during the shipping process.

They will be sealed into a cloth reptile bag or deli container that has air holes punched into it, so they can get plenty of air during their trip.

They will then be carefully transported to our local FedEx shipping facility and they will start their journey to their new home.

A little bit of love

We love and care about every little baby that we ship off, so you really don't need to worry about their trip to you. We'll do everything in our power to make sure they arrive safe and sound!

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