Day 2 with my baby! I cannot rave about this breeder enough! I purchased my bts about a month ago and from the get-go started a great relationship with them. I was having problems with order details(at no fault of theirs or mine. Sometimes the internet just stinks.) and they were almost instantly responding to my messages and I finally bought my first bts!...more

We found Thomas Skinks on FB after looking for a Skink for over a year. Kira kept in constant communication with me prior to babies being born and then we finally got one. She has been super helpful with advice before and after we picked up our Lil Nemo. She also handled our baby ...more

Amazing service, good answers, and good skinks! I highly recommend purchasing from Thomas Skinks, I recently ordered a baby blue tongue and she came in perfect condition and ate right out of the box. Any questions I had were answered in minutes and were In great detail. My animal is beautiful and...more

My new baby arrived healthy and strong and is doing well. Before we got her we had a million questions that were answered patiently and detailed and my questions were always welcomed! And now after receiving our baby we have even more questions and STILL they are so helpful and kind.

Kira from Thomas Skinks is so, so helpful and kind. She has answered every single question I've had about my new baby I got from her (even ones that were silly to me and things I didn't even need to be worries about). She knows what she's talking about, and she definitely cares about the skinks she produces and the skinks that she owns. I would recommend her to anyone...more

First off, my blue tongue skink is healthy and amazing thanks to Kira! He arrived safely and any questions I had regarding the purchase of my skink were answered timely in under 15 minutes. Great experience working with Thomas Skinks!

An absolutely wonderful experience overall! I love my new baby! Thomas Skinks is super friendly, knowledgeable, and professional! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a happy and healthy blue tongue skink.

Big huge thank you for providing us with a beautiful, well adjusted, skink. Harry Potter (now Ollie) is absolutely perfect for our family, and more importantly my daughter, it's mama. The experience was very easy, thank you for being understanding and accommodating to my crazy life!

They love their animals and the quality of their animals show it. The people were nice too, lol.

OMG he's so cuuuute!!! And you were right he ate a couple of pieces of banana straight from the bag right out of my hand. Very sweet little animal. Thank you.

Hannah S.

Thomas Skinks went above and beyond for me when I got Barley. They've always been there to answer questions, talk, and clearly have a huge amount of love for their animals. Definitely worth every penny for my new little bluey!

I just got my first Northern from Thomas Skinks, and he is awesome. They were extremely helpful and put up with my hundreds of questions. He is beautiful and very personable. Shipping was painless and quick! Highly recommend getting your new buddy from Thomas Skinks!

Highly recommend getting your little friend from them! I'm extremely cautious when it comes to purchasing reptiles as I've had bad experiences in the past. I had contacted a few other breeders and their answers to my questions weren't what was looking for, or they just...more

I don’t even know where to begin. First, Kira is an amazing person inside and out. So helpful whether it’s relating to her babies or even for BTS knowledge. I was privileged to have the opportunity I get to know her before I even decided to purchase. I fell in love with the runt, Peach...more

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